In House

Majority Text: the Probability Model (nazaroo)
           Part I:  Pickering and Hodges
          Part II:  Attempts to Limit the Majority Reading Argument
        Part III:   Factors which Enhance the Majority Reading
        Part IV:   The Stability of Majority Readings
         Part V:   Uneven Distribution MS Count for Errors
        Part VI:   Mutually Exclusive and Impossible Cases
       Part VII:  The Catastrophe Model
      Part VIII:  Mixture and Correction
         Part IX:  Terms and Claims
          Part X:  Carson's Objections
        Part XI:  Jerome's Account (c. 360 A.D.)
       Part XII:  James Snapp Jr's Causes of Disruption
      Part XIII:  More on "Major Disruptions"
      Part XIV:  Source of the "Major Disruptions" Argument
       Part XV:  MSS Destruction and Text-types
       Part XVI: The Flawed Logic of T.S. Green
      Part XVII:  Marvin VIncent's Confusion (1)

Engineering 101:  MS Transmission Stream (Joe Layman)
       Part I:   The Nature of a Transmission Signal
       Part II:  The Receiver/Reader Impact
      Part III:  Perfect Reception with Errors in Transmission
      Part IV:  Signal to Noise Ratio and TC (1)
      Part V:   Signal to Noise Ratio and TC (2)
      Part VI: Error Distribution and Bell Curves

History of Printed Greek NTs (Mr. Scrivener)
      Part I:  1600-1800 Erasmus to Beza
     Part II:  1600-1700 Beza to Mill
    Part III:  1700-1750  Mill to Wettstein  (Nazaroo)
    Part IV:  1750-1800  Wettstein to Griesbach
     Part V:  1800-1850  Griesbach to Bloomfield

Misc. Articles (The Dean)
    (1)  When the Exception does not prove the Rule
    (2)  When the Exception doesn't prove Rule: Pt II
     Modern Versions and Jewish Fables
     The Sabotage of the Christian O.T. in favor of 20th cent. Judaism
     The Sabotage of the Christian O.T.: (1550-1700) The Hebrew text
    (1)  (1) Clark contra Ropes
    (2)  2. Clark (1914) contra Griesbach