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The new SBL Text and Hort (continued)

We looked at Matthew, now we look at Mark, to compare W/H and the new SBL GNT.

Here we have placed all the omissions of significant portions of Holy Scripture in a chart, that is , all phrases, half-verses, and verses.   These are the common omissions which probably originate in the various ancestors of Aleph/B.

Hort of course, follows them slavishly, even when many are obvious homoeoteleuton errors.  (almost half of them).  The SBL text is in the same column as Hort, and we only note in brackets where SBL has retained a phrase or two that the Westcott-Hort text deletes.

Out of 37 serious omissions of text, the SBL-GNT follows Hort in 34 of them, for a whopping 92% agreement in Mark.

Like Hort, the SBL gives no serious consideration to homoeoteleuton errors.  It really is just the Aleph/B text, with a few minor modifications.

versechrs omissions (varying letters per column) WHTYPE
1:111 (7)υιου του θεου Om(h.t.)
1:1412της βασιλειας Om--
1:4213ειποντος αυτου Om(h.t.)
3:512υγιης ως η αλλη Om--
3:1522 (11)θεραπευειν τ
ας νοσους και
6:1174 6x12 5x15 4x18 3x24αμην λεγω υμιν ανε
κτοτερον εσται σο
δομοις η γομορροι
ς εν ημερα κρισεως
η τη πολει εκεινη
6:3320και συνηλθο
ν προς αυτον
6:3610 (+3)ουκ εχουσιν Om(h.t.)
7:29εμεμψαντο Om--
7:861 6x10 4x15 3x20βαπτισμους ξεστω
ν και ποτηριων και α
λλα παρομοια τοιαυ
τα πολλα ποιειτε
7:1626 2x13ει τις εχει ωτα α
κουειν ακουετω
8:910οι φαγοντες Om--
8:2621μηδε ειπης τ
ινι εν τη κωμη
9:2910και νηστεια Om(h.a.)
9:3818ος ουκ ακολουθει ημιν Om(ed.)
9:4444 4x11 3x15οπου ο σκωληξ αυτ
ων ου τελευτα και τ
ο πυρου σβεννυται
9:45-662 εις το πυρ το ασβεστ
ον οπου ο σκωληξ αυ
των ου τελευτα και
το πυρ ου σβεννυται
9:4926 2x13και πασα θυσια α
λι αλισθησεται
10:738 2x19και προσκολληθησεται
προς την γυναικα αυτου
10:2114αρας τον σταυρον Om--
10:2429 2x15τους πεποιθοτας
επι τοις χρημασιν
11:823 2x12και εστρωννυο
ν εις την οδον
11:1015εν ονοματι κυριου Om--
11:238ο εαν ειπη Om--
11:2670 4x18 5x14ει δε υμεις ουκ αφ
ιετε ουδε ο πατηρ
υμων ο εν τοις ουρ
ανοις αφησει τα π
αραπτωματα υμων
12:2313οταν αναστωσιν (In)--
12:2915πασων των εντολων Om--
12:3015αυτη πρωτη εντολη Om--
12:3317και εξ ολης της ψυχης Om(h.a.)
13:1112μηδε μελετατε Om(h.t.)
13:1427 2x13το ρηθεν υπο δαν
ιηλ του προφητου
14:1915και αλλος μητι εγω Om(h.t.)
14:2720 2x10εν εμοι εν τη
νυκτι ταυτη
14:6818και αλεκτωρ εφωνησεν (In)(h.t.)
14:7020 2x10και η λαλια σ
ου ομοιαζει
15:322 2x11αυτος δε ουδε
ν απεκρινατο
15:2846 3x15και επληρωθη η γραφ
η η λεγουσα και μετ
α ανομων ελογισθη

Of special interest, is the fact that most of the omissions, even of long passages, happen to be multiples of key column-widths, probably reflecting the lost master-copies used to make this text, and create the opportunity for the obvious proliferation of stupid accidental omissions, which went uncorrected in this Alexandrian branch of transmission.

We've listed some of the ways the longer omissions can be divided up into lines.

We can only assume that for some reason the early scribes responsible for these texts just didn't do a very good job proof-reading their own work.


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